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Yea that makes sense. I think its just very odd how I joined the same team and had two different scenarios..... oh well, give it till the end of December in the AHL and if I dont get called up I'll just start up a new one and make sure I can play some preseason that time around.
As D, pick a team you know has terrible D, you are way less likely to be sent down. Boost slots unlock on rookie, only one i know of requires pro. If you are changing the sliders you might as well go pro anyway.

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Could you give a little more insight on the "Play through the Pain" achievement, because in this game you're unable to run into the boards unless you miss the hit on a person with the puck and be barely inches away from him.
I got a bit lucky with this, as it was an accident, but the way suggest with this game is get in front of my team mates (Defenseman') slap shot. With the slider's adjusted, I could easily throw a pass to the D and skate in front of it every time, it's just a matter of if it would injure or not.

Regarding Trading.

I won the stanley cup and every trophy except Selke... But They still won't trade me. I am still worth as much as a kitchen sink apparantely. Any card requirements or anything else to suggest?
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