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Originally Posted by evokazz View Post
I'm also very curious about the achievement difficulty. I maxed Tekken 6 with ease, and have complete SF4, SSF4, MKVsDC, and MK, but I still stand by the fact I am awful at fighting games.

I only maxed the above through pure patience, frustration and it took me a couple of years lol. I have maxed Soul Calibur 4 but hated it, I have Soul Calibur 5 on my shelf, but not sure when I will get round to it. I have to say though I do love Tekken series a lot, and if the achievements are reasonable I might have to go buy it this weekend.
If you've done all that, then I can say that you will 100% get the full 1000 in TTT2.
I've got 700-900 for the SF4 series, 825 for MKvsDC, and full 1000'd MK9, Soul Calibur 4 and 5 and Tekken 6 and now TTT2. Grinding Tekken Lord offline will be the most time consuming but if you've got enough skill to do the above then that's all it'll take for you, time. You have nothing to worry about.

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