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Originally Posted by DuCLuX View Post
As D, pick a team you know has terrible D, you are way less likely to be sent down. Boost slots unlock on rookie, only one i know of requires pro. If you are changing the sliders you might as well go pro anyway.
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I have much more fun playing for the team I root for and their D is deep. Oh well, it seems your player's rating comes into effect as much as or more than performance so worst comes to worst I will rank my guy up and just get it next season. I just got sent back to the AHL for a second time even though I lead the team in every stat only playing 1/3 of the games in the NHL since they refuse to keep me!

Speaking of that, for boost unlocks that say "complete a season of BAP blah blah playing at least 40 games".... do those games have to be in the NHL or will AHL games count towards that?
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