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Originally Posted by GuidoNGR View Post
did you use a forward for this or a defender, because with my defender I can't seem to get across the ice in time be hit with a shot.
I used a forward. Skate right up to your partner and tap him the puck maybe? I dunno, I was in front of the net, threw it out to point and it came back and hit me. That's really all I had to do.

Originally Posted by mgftp View Post

Speaking of that, for boost unlocks that say "complete a season of BAP blah blah playing at least 40 games".... do those games have to be in the NHL or will AHL games count towards that?
I am certain they must be NHL, as you cant wint a trophy (most of them are trophy) based on your games from the AHL anyway. The ones that aren't trophy related I believe still are NHL only, but I am not sure for this, as I haven't played AHL yet. Pays to favorite the shit team, lol.
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