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Might and Magic - 10
Power-up the White Reaver by awakening 5 skills.

See "White Reaver Unleashed!"

White Reaver Unleashed! - 20
Release the White Reaver's latent power by awakening all skills.

These achievements require that you awaken all 171 skills. To awaken a skill, you must first unlock it. Then you must spend the required amount of Draco jewels to awaken it. The requirement can be seen after you click the button to awaken the skill. Skills which have already been awakened have the dragon icon in them illuminated in white, as opposed to a dim, clear dragon. You will need 3294 total jewels to awaken every skill (thanks Zebrasqual). The only ways to get jewels is are:
  1. Original Base Level 3: *THIS IS THE BEST METHOD TO GRIND JEWELS* Each time you complete this level you will earn one jewel. This is your best method to obtain jewels, but doing this over 3,000 times will take a very long time.
  2. Completing Levels for the First Time: You will get a few jewels (around 5 or 10) when you beat each mission for the first time. Subsequent playthroughs will earn you no jewels for completion.
  3. Random Drops: Jewels randomly drop from some enemies, but the frequency of this is very rare. It only happens every tenth mission or so. There are a few skills that increases item drop and rare item drop chance, so I would suggest equipping these if you attempt this grind for jewels.
  4. GPS Jewels: Basically you earn a jewel for every 30km you travel,and can up to a total of 663 jewels from this method. After that, further traveling will not award any jewels (Thanks to Shadow Kisuragi for confirming this). See the "GPS Specialist" achievement for information on how to earn jewels via the GPS feature.
  5. Leaderboard Jewels: You earn jewels by raising your total leaderboard score, cumulative with all of your friends as well. The rate and cap on how many jewels you will earn is unknown. The best method to get your score up to is keep replaying the Level 3 Boss.

The following 6 achievements are related to defeating enemies and can be obtained in both Story and Mission Modes.

Shredding the Skies - 5
Defeat 50 enemies.

See "Swarm Exterminator."

Buzz Kill - 5
Defeat 1000 enemies.

See "Swarm Exterminator."

Swarm Exterminator - 10
Defeat 4000 enemies.

These achievements require that your kill 50, 1000, and 4000 total enemies. This is not that many at all, as there are several hundred enemies per mission. This will unlock early, well before finishing Mission Mode. All kills of all enemy types, across all missions and game modes count towards these achievements.

Death from Above - 5
Defeat 100 enemies using only subskills.

You must kill 100 enemies with any type of subskill. Make sure you have a subskill equipped, which is done in the menu before loading into the mission. When in a mission, activate the subskill by pushing its circular button, which is located under the name of the subskill (under your health bar in the top left corner of the screen). Once activated, defeat 100 enemies with it.

Cleansing Fire- 5
Finish off Glyrin and Hestrine using action skills.

The final blow to kill each of these bosses must be done with any action skill. Equip an action skill in the menu before loading into the mission. Then reduce the boss's health down as low as possible. This is necessary because most action skills are very weak and do not do much damage. Then activate your action skill by pressing the circular button near the middle, left edge of the screen. The circle contains your willpower and show a number representing how many times you can use your action skill. This achievement may be easier to earn in Story Mode (Missions 1 and 2) because you will have more time to build up willpower for using your action skill. If you load up a Mission Mode boss level, you will get only one use of your action skill. As long as your are careful and wear their health down extremely low, it shouldn't really matter. Immediately after killing the second of these bosses with an action skill, the achievement will unlock.

Dragon Master- 5
Defeat Dark Phantom 200 times.

Dark Phantom is the final boss in the game and can defeated in both Mission and Story Mode levels. This will take a significant amount of time. If you can somehow manage to defeat him in only 3 minutes, which is quite unlikely, this achievement alone would take 10 hours. This achievement should be saved for last, after unlocking all skills.


The following 3 achievements are earned by completing miscellaneous tasks.

Hero of Draco - 30
Complete "Battle after battle after battle!" without taking any damage.

You need to complete the entire "Battle after battle after battle!" mission without taking any damage. This level does not unlock until you complete the first 21 levels in Mission Mode. You need to beat the five bosses in a row on true difficulty without taking any damage. See THIS post by Zebrasqual for a mini-guide to unlocking this achievement.

Illumination - 5
Customize your dragon's color.

This is a simple achievement. All you need to do it is click "Color Change" on the menu before loading into a mission (the one where you equip skills). Sometimes the option may not appear. If that is the case, just tap on your animated Dragon and the option should appear.

GPS Specialist - 5
Use the in-game GPS to collect 50 jewels.

The game has a feature which allows you to earn jewels based on the distance you travel in the real world between play sessions. You need to travel a total of 1200 km (1,200,000 meters) to earn 50 jewels. The game automatically check you in when you boot up the game. If you are playing on-the-go, you can check in manually from the Main Menu. Click Play Game > Trading Post > Acquire via GPS > Check In. The game will then add the distance since your last check-in to your total, which you can see after checking-in each time. You can also see how many jewels you have earned via GPS from this screen.

NOTE: The GPS check-in was previously glitched, but has been patched as of October 14, 2012. It is now accurate and fully functional. The game should also recalculate all of your previous check-ins before the patch and add them all to your total.

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