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Originally Posted by Zebrasqual View Post
"Hero Of Draco" isn't as hard as people could think, it requires more player's patience than skill. Here is how I got it, you can judge by yourself of the "difficulty". (PS: My game is in french so the names of the skills, dragons will maybe not be the same as most of you, but there shouldn't be too much trouble understanding. Also, give me the english name (if it's not the same) and I'll update the guide).

>> Unlocking the "Battle after battle after battle!" mission. Complete Story Mode will unlock the Mission Mode. Then complete all of the available missions to unlock more. This is the mission 25 (when all are unlocked).

>> Preparing your dragon (up to 60 jewels needed if you don't already have those skills I'm going to talk about). For the main weapon, I used the "Rayon Autoguidé" (the second red weapon). For the sub-skill, I used the "Scutum Anima ++" which costs 30 jewels (3rd skill in the green section of the skills list). Now for the Action skill, I used one of the 5 "Arkus" skills (last 5 skills in the purple section of the skills list). It's up to you which one you want to use as it doesn't really matter. "Arkus" costs 24 jewels, "Arkus Raid" is 27, "Arkus Scutum" is 27, "Arkus Point" is 30 and "Arkus Exta" is 30. They all require 1 energy to activate them.

>> Battle after battle after battle after battle after battle ! (Don't worry about running out of time in the battles, it will still unlock the achievement)
- Glyrin (spider dragon): Keep your starting position (in the middle). Shoot the dragon, as you're about to get hit, quickly switch to the sub-skill and of course make sure your "right" finger is on the screen to activate it. The sub-skill absorb the bullets and also those little pink bubbles (don't shoot the bubbles). Once he's about to shoot a big pink ball, switch to the sub-skill and prepare yourself to avoid it (go back in the middle after) as you can get hit by it. Be careful of his arms too (when he's trying to hit you) because bullets are also coming from them.
- Hestrine (flying dragon): Go all the way down as he's going to shoot a laser (you can't use the sub-skill for the lasers). Shoot him. Once he's rushing at you prepare yourself to avoid him. Go back all the way down. He'll now shoot some bullets, activate your sub-skill to absorb them all. He's now going to shoot laser (go back to shoot at him), stay down to avoid it, now go all the way up to avoid the next laser. Don't forget to keep shooting at him doing this. After this he'll shoot a laser straight ahead of him but hopefully, he'll be dead by then.
- Orkinuss (very big flying dragon): Go all the way to the top. As he appears, shoot at him where the little enemies are coming from and be careful if one of them made it through your shots. Next part, always shoot at him on the top spot (if you can because sometimes disappears from the screen) and hopefully you'll also kill the "balls" coming from this spot. Don't forget to avoid the pink fog because you can't use the sub-skill on it. Last part, switch to the sub-skill, absorb the bullets. Go all the way down and keep the position until the end. Shoot at him, switch to the sub-skill (shooting bullets twice), shoot at him and repeat until he's dead.
- Eel-K (snake dragon): (Don't stop shooting at him as you don't need the sub-skill for him). Go to the top, he's coming from bottom left. Once he disappear, go all the way down, he'll come from top right shooting laser. After the second laser, go back on top of the screen. Now he's in the back shooting some "laser balls". Once you see 4 coming on the screen, activate 3 action skills. He'll come from the back of the screen, then disappear. Now he's coming from the bottom to the top. After the first laser you see, quickly go all the way down. After he disappear, he's doing the same pattern as the beginning, so go back to the top of the screen, etc...
- Dark Phantom (black and red dragon): This is the most annoying dragon to kill without getting hit. Kill the little enemies. Go to the top screen. Switch to the sub-skill. You can absorb the targeted bullets and all the others. He'll do some moves that can hit you, once he goes to bottom left, go down, then he goes to the top left, go to the top, etc... He'll disappear then come back to shoot lasers (the annoying part because you can't use the sub-skill there to protect yourself). Once he's about to shoot you, quickly go to the top (wait for the last moment to do it). After this, you'll have an open spot to shoot him, so feel free to spam him. Now he's doing the same thing again. Even if he's the longer one to kill, take your time, you don't want to restart all over again and one more thing: Be really careful with the lasers part.

>> BAM ! Achievement Unlocked !
Thanks for tips Zebra. I will link this to the achievement guide.

Do you have any idea if the achievement tracks your life at the end of the last boss or actually your hits (i.e. Can you die just before putting the final blow on the Dark Phantom and continue to replenish all your health bars and unlock the achievement?

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