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Originally Posted by The Detective View Post
I think a lot of people don't realize that the title update that included the DLC for Guerilla screwed up the spawning of the radio missions.

I noticed that a lot of people (including the guy who made the map) that claim they did this no problem got this achievement pre-update. If it doesn't work out, try clearing your cache and start a new file, without ever updating the game.

I'm on my second playthrough now (my first one was years ago and I lost the hard drive) trying to do the actions post-update, but if it doesn't work, I'll clear the cache.

I think that map, while good, doesn't really help that much anymore for a few of those odd radio missions (Like the one that goes to Oasis and starts at Dust).

Yeah, I've been trying on and off forever to get Jenkins to *$%ing spawn!! I've given up about 3 different times now, cleared cache one last time and going to try and start a 2nd play-though, maybe since its been almost 2 years since i played the campaign so maybe it wont be too bad going though it again
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