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Originally Posted by mikeymud View Post
Is anyone else finding this mode kind of difficult? Currently, I'm playing predominantly with my starter pack plus the free packs I unlocked in the demo. My first line forwards include Joe Vitale and Arron Asham, and my best defenseman is Brooks Orpik. My team's current rating is at 3 stars. The offense and defense are rated around 82 each.

I can beat the rookie tournament consistently, but I find that it's not as easy as I expected it to be. I mean, I'm playing against teams with overall ratings of 2 stars and offense/defense in the low 70s. I figure I should be crushing these teams, and I always outshoot them 2:1 or 3:1, or my time in the offensive zone is usually double theirs. But the goal scoring gap doesn't reflect this - their goalie stands on their head saving nearly everything, and I almost never score on those garbage/rebound plays. Conversely, I feel like the computer team doesn't need many shots to score, and the puck tends to find them for a juicy rebound goal. Also, when the computer is on the attack, sometimes it's a struggle to get to the puck first.

I've tried the next tournament up which is on Pro difficulty, but I've been eliminated twice now in the second game to teams with equal ratings.

I don't know - I mean, I know I'm not the best player in the world, but I feel like the rookie tournament should be just a little bit easier given the team ratings. Maybe I just need to wait for better player cards? Is anyone else experiencing this?
It is really challenging it took me 3 go rounds on rookie to get the achievement (one was my Internet fucking up) before I got the achievement. And I was just eliminated in the semis yesterday for pro...the ways you can score in normally don't translate over to this mode...and the goalies for the other time are ridiculously good and they can score from where ever in the offensive zone...I myself have a 4 star team now because I bought some packs last night. Bit before I was 2 and a half.. and my goalies an 80 but can't seem to stop a slap shot from the center of the offensive's pretty dumb if you ask me
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