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Originally Posted by baddawg12 View Post
Can someone supply a step by step guide as to getting the 5 titles achievement in WWE Universe mode?

I interfered in a match between 2 guys and ended up becoming the #1 contender. I lost the championship match and then was put into a #1 contenders match by the CPU. Won that and won the WWE championship. I was also holding the Tag Team title and the US title at that time but I didn't unlock the 3 titles achievement.

Thinking of starting from scratch.
Can anyone help? Please?

Did you place yourself into the matches for your other titles? If you did, those won't count. You could just replace the WWE championship with another title (by editing the show as suggested by Davey) - the game will most likely make you #1 contender automatically. If not, you can move the people above you on the contender list to another show until you are the #1 contender. Just repeat the process until you've won five titles and popped the achievement.

Originally Posted by Davey_Pitch View Post
I don't think Tag Titles count towards the achievement. I held all 3 titles on Raw, yet I only got the achievement for winning 3 titles when I transferred my CAW to Smackdown and won the World Title there. I've not done it yet, but I imagine that after I've won my 4th singles title, I'll edit one of the shows and put a different singles title in, and then win that. That should give me 5 singles titles in total.
The tag titles do count towards the achievement, but you have to win the match with your CAW (assuming your team consists of one CAW and one regular wrestler). As I was telling baddawg, you also have to be placed into the match by the computer for it to count towards the achievements.
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