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Originally Posted by acdougla17 View Post
The AI is actually pretty easy to beat, even on Superstar difficulty with the help of a couple of cheap wrist shots. I will upload a couple videos to EA Sports World of my methods for scoring.
That would be awesome. I can play superstar on every other game type and win nearly every game, but for some reason my HUT team goalie cant stop a shot and I can barely win All star games in this. I lost 6-5 to the red All Stars with my mid-high 70's team, with an 80 goalie, who let in 6 of 7 shots, his one save being a puck that bounced off his glove too a winger who shot it in.

On another note, I have noticed that as my teams star rating went up, tournaments got easier. I was at 3 stars, and I couldn't win the 4 star tourneys, but when I beat 2 3star tourneys, my star total went to 4 and I could win those (the one at like the top of the screen). I don't know what this rating does, but all I know is that these stars go up and down when I win or lose.
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