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Originally Posted by Homaz View Post
Sounds nice. I hope you're not lying. How many gamerscores do you get in round about 3 hours?
For clarification i was on around 470 around the 3 hour mark. So i would say depending on skill Galdius is right on the money.

I dont think this is a HARDER game to 1k, but i do feel it's longer. playing ghost battle (2 rounds, ultra hard. single pick rather than tag) i'm on around 310 wins and 28 losses. and i've only hit Byakku (21st dan) and i think tekken lord is 32nd dan? so its more of a grind in my opinion. the achievement guide and road map states around 377 wins and 76 losses (around that. appologies for guestimating but even so, i dont think i'm gonna hit tekken lord with 377 wins.) so i think the time is more there than in anything else in this game

Good luck for the 1k's people!
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