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I am currently in the midst of Call of Duty 3, so I can't really place it in the list of CoD games and rank it just yet. However, I have played every other CoD game available on the 360 on veteran difficulty, and here is my list in order of most difficult to least difficult.

- Call of Duty (XBLA: No regenerative health, no health packs and it's really long. Pavlov!!)
- Call of Duty: WaW (The trenches level with the mortar crews was next to impossible for me.)

Edit - Call of Duty 3 (Figured it would fall here and it did. Glitchy, crazy infinite spawns and awful cutscenes.)

- Call of Duty 4: MW (No Fighting in the War Room and Mile High Club. 'Nuff said.)
- Call of Duty 2 (Another really long campaign, but enjoyable. The farm silo level was frustrating.)

Edit - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Harder than BO1 but easier than CoD 2 for sure.)

- Call of Duty: Black Ops (This wasn't a super hard game, but it had its moments for sure).
- Call of Duty: MW 2 (Almost the easiest game in the series, if it weren't for that damn mission where you had to protect the computer while it uploaded data in that cabin or whatever).
- Call of Duty: MW3 (Easiest in my opinion. It was so easy I barely remember the campaign. It was just going through the motions.)

At the moment, I would probably put Call of Duty 3 after WaW, but I'm not certain yet. Of course, I will also be playing Black Ops 2 when that comes out and will add it in when applicable.


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