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Could not agree with you more .. I just think it would be an interesting dynamic to have ... Say Chuck bumped into Glenn after Ep 1...Let's say Glenn met up with a group of survivors before the trek to Atlanta.. Chuck was in the group, SO Glenn is sitting there telling them all about what has happened with Lee's group and how close he came to death. There would be Chuck's in to knowing almost everything about them .. Then Glenn left the walkie or Chuck stole it ... Then he communicates with Clem, He already knows her name and how to use the parents card against her. So she tells him about how they are on a farm and likes the St.John's and all that happy garbage and then tells him about the St. John's being cannibals and trying to eat them and how Lee killed the sons/or didn't .. It would be cool that he would be taking revenge on everyone and add a real sense of urgency to the game as the last episode is called "No time left" or hell this all might be in my drunken stupor right now lol .. I really wanna know what is hiding in that guitar of Chuck's... I am thinking a sawed off shotgun ..
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