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Originally Posted by MyPetWorm View Post
I did all the challenges whilst going through my Elite playthrough, so it is definitely possible! Just requires a bit more patience and tact than would otherwise be used in Recruit I definitely found the first mission the hardest though, the next two were a lot easier (For me).

Would have been so much easier with a partner though, the AI can be quite fustrating when they don't want to advance
Not sure if you noticed in the first vid there should be three tactical challenges, first the kill two guys with one bullet and do it 3 times, then reaching the swamp erea without being detected on elite, and last (wich isn,t show in the vid) kill 20 guys breaking their necks.
Now i wonder if you can do this on elite as they seem to spot you real easy or better do this on recruit? I manage to do the kill 2 guys one bullet one realy easy had abit of trouble with the undetected part (swamp person). The second i did in one go with all tactical challenges completed on elite, i messed up on the last mission and tabbed my nightvision view per accident So i gotta redo this aswell. Plus the neckbreaking part again.
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