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Originally Posted by l Zleek l View Post
it's really not terribly difficult. Just try to land on your back wheel, and then as you do that lean forward and feather the gas. Try to stabilize on the bottom platform, then floor it to bump up to the second one, your front wheel will pop up so keep leaning forward. once you re stabilize on the second one, just floor it again and you should pop over the scoreboard. I have this track down to one fault so it usually works :P
i found it easier to back up first. the game wants you to do it that way so the checkpoint is really far forward. but you can back up loads and get much more run up to the ramp and then you can land onto the second platform straight away and just bump up over the board, skip the first platform and having to bump up between the two! that's how i did it, only faulted like 7 times instead of 200
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