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Originally Posted by SHMEEDIDDY View Post
Rookie Tournament was easy, and Pro Tournament to it was easy, maybe bc I bought three 560 packs with 30 cards and 18 rare over the weekend! My team is 91 Off, 88 Def, and 85 Goalie, so maybe thats why its easy and know how to play the game with easy shots!
Well, yeah - if you're team ratings are 20 points higher than those in the Rookie tournament, I would hope it's easy for you.

As far as "easy shots" go, can you go into more detail?

The shot that works for me most consistently is the short side corner wrister from inside the circle. I'm a rightie, so shots from the right circle go in more often. I do have success with the other corner if I find myself on that side of the ice - again, inside the circle, middle slot area. Other than that, I feel like I have average success with any other shots, typically the slapshots from the blue line. Compared to NHL 11 and 12, I am having below average success with one-timers and wrap-arounds.
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