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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10; or 5/10 for Halo veterans.
- Offline: 31/49 (615)
- Online: 18/49 (385)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 and 5 Spartan Ops Episodes (25 Chapters)
- Number of missable achievements: None (Mission Select)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (See descriptions for minimum settings)
- Glitchy achievements: Chief, Smash!, A Legendary Episode, Digging up the Past, The Challenger (See descriptions for fix)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: 4GB Free, A second controller (optional)

Halo 4 is the eighth installment of the Halo franchise and is the first of the new "Reclaimer Trilogy" created by 343 Industries. It has been four years since John went into cryosleep (Halo 3). Awoken and ready to fight, John and Cortana must uncover the many secrets & technology the ancient forerunner planet "Requiem" holds.

The Campaign achievements are straight forward and as always, Mission Select is available. There are 7 Terminals you must find and access and skulls are available for use right from the start. A Xbox LIVE Gold Account is required for the Multiplayer and the new gametypes Spartan Ops and War Games. Each week a new Chapter/Episode for Spartan Ops will be available to download.

Halo 4 is shipped with 2 discs. The second disc must be installed (4GB) in order to play the Multiplayer.
Insert Disc 2, launch the game and follow the instructions. Upon completion, eject the disc and insert Disc 1. You no longer have need for Disc 2.

Campaign Co-op Playthrough on Heroic 12 for 190
This playthrough will be done Cooperatively with another player (Online or Local) on Heroic to specifically unlock Bromageddon and Bropocalypse. You may choose to play on Legendary to also unlock The Legend of 117 but you will naturally unlock this during your Solo Legendary Playthrough. See The Legend of 117 for tips if you choose Legendary for this playthrough.

Halo 4 allows up to 4 players playing Co-op at a time. Find partners/buddies in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Campaign Terminals, Skulls, & Mission Specifics 11 for 235
Upon completion of the Campaign you are able to replay every Mission on any Difficulty. Choose a Mission and set the difficulty to Easy unless specified otherwise.
Terminals - There are a total of 7 Terminals you must find/access. Please see Terminus achievement description for Terminal locations. Find one for Contact the Domain, and find all for Terminus.

Skulls - Skulls are available and unlocked right from the start. You do not have to seek them out in Halo 4. Silver Skulls are recommended to activate because you must complete a level on Heroic whilst 3 are activated for Skullduggery. This can be done Cooperatively.

Mission Specifics - There are 8 Mission Specifics to unlock (ie Digging up the Past, Midnight Launch...) These can be missed during your first playthrough. After you've completed your initial playthrough, load up each Mission and achieve the required Mission Specific task then Save and quit.

Campaign Solo Playthrough on Legendary 2 for 160
This playthrough will be done Solo on Legendary. You cannot do any part of this playthrough with another player either Online or Locally. Sucessful completion of this difficult playthough unlocks Lone Wolf Legend and The Legend of 117.

See the Roadmap item Difficulties for extra info. See the Guide achievement description for Lone Wolf Legend for tips.

Infinity (Multiplayer) 15 for 160
The Infinity consists of Spartan Ops and War Games. You will have the option to customize your Spartan IV within the Infinity. Your Spartan IV Ranks up from the points you earn in both game modes.
War Games - Competitive Halo Multiplayer gameplay.
Spartan Ops - New Co-op Multiplayer Episodic game mode.

Infinity :: Spartan Ops 9 for 255
This is a 10 week long Episodic game mode that takes place chronologically 6 months after the events of Halo 4. Spartan Ops allows up to 4 player co-op & you have the option of matchmaking if you are solo. The first 5 Episodes have achievements.

Each week on Mondays at 6 am (Eastern US, GMT -5) there will be a FREE streaming Spartan Ops Episode available to watch, followed by 5 Chapters of gameplay. Please see the Infinity :: Spartan Ops Info and Discussion thread for more info as to when new Episodes are available and which achievements are currently obtainable.

The difficulties are Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary and the achievements are stackable, meaning unlocking The Legend of 117 unlocks Wake up John and I Need a Hero.

On Easy difficulty, it is possible to unlock the 'Completed Mission...' achievements (Dawn, Requiem, Forerunner, ...) but you will not unlock a 'Completed the Campaign...' achievement on Easy.

Changing difficulty to from Heroic to Legendary on Mission 8 in hopes to unlock The Legend of 117 or Lonewolf Legend will NOT work (cheating). In order to unlock a 'Completed the Campaign...' achievement on a specific difficulty you must NOT change the difficulty settings at any point during that entire playthrough.

In order to unlock all the campaign's 'Difficulty' achievements you must complete 2 playthroughs. One Cooperatively on Heroic, and one Solo on Legendary.

A word about playing Co-op and Solo playthroughs at the same time.
"Both solo and co-op playthroughs have their own save data. As long as you reach a checkpoint in solo, making sure to save and quit after, it'll stamp that progress. Start a lobby with a friend, and you'll see 'Start Co-op Campaign'. Modify the options to your liking, start the game then back out. Return to the Campaign menu with no other players, and everything should be as it was on your solo playthrough."
* Clueless * Credits: hoshinosenshi for the Solo/Co-op playthrough clarification.

--Special Thanks!--
Nozza x360a for the stellar banner! and all his help along the way! Cheers Noz!
Maka for offering me use of his amazing video guides! Many, many Thanks!!


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