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My friend with a four and a half star team can easily go through all 4 star tourneys, says him, but he can't do 5 star ones. I still have a bit of trouble with the 4 stars with my 3 star team, which is weird because I can consistently beat my friend by 12 goals or more any
Time I play Him in play now mode, but I have trouble winning a tournament he can clean up easy. I think star rating has something to do with it, combined with player skill of course. Just my opinion.

And fuck, the contracts are killing me as well, for some reason I consistently have 3 guys running out of contract, and at 150-200 a peice I can't seem to make shit, until I win a tourney, by which point I'm sick of HUT cause I have only made 600 pucks in an hour. I have resorted to buying contracts for 150 and reselling for 200, but it's a slow process, only yielding 40 pucks per hour if they sell. It's something at least.
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