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Originally Posted by DewTheDrewby View Post
Are You Kidding Me? 15
Hit the post 3 times in 1 game in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

This is a slightly lucky achievement but its not too bad. Make sure the Shot Accuracy slider isn't all the way up (but all other sliders are in your favor). You should be able to easily get 50 shots on net with only 4 minute periods, and you are bound to hit the post multiple times. Just try to take long range shots from just inside the blue line and aim for the corners.

Thought this acheivement was glitched, had to hit the post 4 times.

Play Through the Pain 10
Score a goal while injured in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

Make sure you turn up the injury slider before going for this. Start up a game and continuously run into the boards at full speed. It shouldnít take long before you injure yourself. As long as itís not too serious, keep on playing and score a goal. Itís ok if you donít score during the current game as most likely the injury will carry over to the next game. You could also try simulating until your player gets injured.

Tried playing games and scoring with a playable injury but still no achievement. Does this have to be in the game you get the injury?
The post one, outside of the post doesn't count, I was sitting on the goal line firing it off the side around 8 times before I got went to the front and hit it 3times. Your injury must have Gone away. To make it simpler yeah, try and score in the same game as the injury, but it should work if it's in a diff game, no reason not too.
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