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Goodbye, She Quietly Says
Complete chapter 1 of episode 3.

First off welcome back for an experience that will take us along a different road and will incorporate new and refreshing aspects to the game. As with the last chapter, only game altering questions will be listed. Questions not listed are not going to change the flow of the game.

We start out in a cutscene involving Kenny and Lee walking through Macon armed to the teeth with guns. After a bit of walking and seeing the drugstore Kenny will pop some dialog with Lee.

"Yeah, we've been talking about it but you made up your mind yet?" - Kenny
1. We should stay. - Kenny will remember and will disagree with your decision although will ask for permission to take his RV and leave.
2. We should go. - Kenny will remember and be happy you agree.
3. We could split up. - Kenny will be very surprised at your response even if you aren't the best of friends with him and will claim it is a mistake.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

Kenny and Lee are walking through the town and see Lee's parents' old drugstore and the signs that the military has been through the area recently. Kenny suggests using the same old route that they have been using to get into the drugstore and as he climbs the ladder it breaks almost completely. Time to find solutions.

You could attempt the ladder but doing so will only send it crashing down. You could also attempt to use the car nearby and have Kenny try to give you a boost but the reach is too much. Instead head over toward the front of the store to the Jeep. Head to the left side and watch your camera fix you for some further contemplation regarding using the Jeep's hook. When Lee grabs the Winch and begins to bring it back to the area of Kenny some more dialog will transpire. Kenny will ask about Lilly, and will ask about the situation as a whole--feel free to answer without consequence.

Bring the winch to the trailer's axle making your way back to the Jeep once they are attached. This will pull the Jeep to the trailer giving Lee the needed boost to get him up and over. Kenny will ask questions about Clem and about the stealing at the end of Ep 2--again answer free of consequence.

Once you get to the top of the trailer, the topic of Duck and his mishaps at Hershel's farm will come up. Upon asking if it effects Duck that much you will get the following:

"Of course it did." - Kenny
1. What'd he say?/It was a scary situation for him. - Kenny will remember it. This is the most "Kenny aligned" response. Kenny will let Lee know that Duck thinks he is to blame but Kenny will reveal he is the real one to blame.
2. Still? -Kenny remembers your uncaring attitude.
3. He'll get over it. - Kenny remembers your disdain.
4. . . . - Kenny will remember your silence.

Kenny will reach down for Lee prompting an event where you aim for Kenny's hand and pressing . Kenny isn't back to 100% from his gunshot wound in Ep. 2 and will drop Lee back down ontop of the car. Both of them look around to make sure that the noise did not attract any unwanted attention and then proceed to have a quick dialog about what just happened.

Alas your glorious conversation will be interrupted by a scream proceeded by the camera zooming in on a woman running out of a building followed by a walker and attracting throngs of others. Lee will attempt to rationalize the situation, this dialog is inconsequential.

The girl is then bitten in the leg making her chances at survival tremendously low and Lee wants to put her out of her misery while Kenny wants to let her be the perfect distraction for a quick drug store run.

Important decision time
Shoot the Girl
To kill her you must aim the rifle at any part of her. Press and you will effectively shoot and kill the girl calling attention to yourself. Kenny will sigh and reluctantly pull Lee up ontop of the trailer kicking the panic event into full swing. Because of the attention of the walkers you cannot get all of the items in the drugstore and will have to leave relatively empty handed.

Don't shoot the Girl
Simply press and Lee will not shoot the girl, Kenny will agree with the decision, and will pull Lee up happily. The walkers will never know you were there, and you should have more than enough time to gather all of the supplies from the store before the end of the panic event.

Either way entering the drugstore kicks off the panic event with Lee barricading the door. Either way again you are on a timer, but the length of it will depend on your actions regarding the girl. We will take a step by step process to get through the drugstore:

1. Where you start out will be 8 items between the shelves to either side without moving to another area. You will simply move your cursor and press .
2. Upon moving your left joystick to the right two things will happen. Either you will run out of time because you shot the girl, or you will come to the realization that the girl is dead and the walkers are finally coming your way--but in this scenario you still have time to collect. Grab these items and again move Lee to the final area.
3. Keep grabbing the items and remember to open up the cabinet to grab some extra goodies.

Bad Blood
Complete chapter 2 of episode 3.

4. You will now need to act relatively quickly and follow Kenny up and over the counter.
5. Lee will get trapped under the caved in barricade. Repeatedly press in order to get out of the mass of walker and wood.
6. Keep tapping the button when Kenny comes to help and remember to switch to the other buttons when they appear.
7. When you get to the fridge press to knock it down and block walkers form approaching from that side way.
8. Keep up with Kenny by running behind him until....
9. The military walker will approach Lee and will require Lee to bash him with the butt of his rifle by again pressing . Do it a second time to escape this walker.
10. Upon getting grabbed you will need to fight free by spamming and then the next button in the sequence thus finishing the panic event.

With Kenny and Lee getting away from the drugstore they return to the inn showing a lot of bandit trouble and bandit stress with the slow camera pane of the outside wall. Kenny and Lee go to Lilly's door and a much darker, more depressing Lilly meets them.

Lilly will ask how it went and the dialog here is non-altering although Kenny will rat you out if you shot the girl and brought back little or back you up if you did not and brought back tons. Either way Lilly will be happy with the large loot or worried with the small loot. Like always the topic of leaving comes up and Lilly takes the first major stab:

"Because piling into an RV with you two, after what you did to my dad, is so appealing." - Lilly
1. We do whatever is best for the kids. - Kenny remembers but seems uneasy about this answer.
2. We have to go eventually, Lilly. - Kenny likes you sided with him.
3. This place is fine, Kenny. - Depending on your original thoughts about the motor in way back in Ep. 1 Kenny will either remember that you did not want to go or will see that you have changed your mind about the whole situation.
4. . . . - The Lilly v. Kenny argument continues without Lee being a part of it.

Katjaa/Carley or Doug will come to the door to add to the dialog, all non-altering. Lilly will blow up and proclaim that someone is stealing supplies and kick everyone out. You will get a small snippet of dialog with Kenny, non-altering.

If Carley is still around you can do a small side quest in which you tell anyone/everyone you are a killer. In order to do it go meet Carley up the stairs. Telling people will add another dimension to what they know about Lee and your relationships with them. We will go over this in chapter 3.

Go back to Lilly's room and knock on her door to go in and talk about the thefts. The first two dialog options will be non-altering but the third is key:

"You'd only try to get rid of a flashlight if you were using it when you shouldn't. - Lilly
1. Okay. I'll poke around. - Non-altering response.
2. Seems like you're manufacturing this from nothing. - Lilly remembers and tells you to prove her wrong.
3. It's just a few things. No big deal. - Lilly notices and claims you are the prime suspect.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

Regardless Lee is forced to investigate. Time to delve into Chapter 3.

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