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Handle It
Complete chapter 5 of episode 3.

Our homeless friend confronts you and questions you right off the bat.

"You touch any of my stuff?" - Chuck
1. I didn't take anything. - You lie to Chuck.
2. Who are you? - He notices you avoided the question.
3. I took the map of the train routes. - You tell Chuck the truth.
4. . . . - Chuck notices you don't answer his question.

Well now that you know Chuck, and know that for the moment is not a threat to the group you relax your guard and find out that he has already met the group. Any dialog with Chuck is non-altering so feel free to be... for lack of better phrasing--free.

This will be your last chance to chat it up with the group before we hit the rails. I suggest finding out a bit more about Chuck and how everyone likes him. Katjaa informs the group that Duck is getting much worse and Kenny while taken back by it still holds onto some idea of faint hope. Get back to the throttle and give it a pull. This time we move on.

We'll see you on the open rails in 6.

Unexpected Delay
Complete chapter 6 of episode 3.

Leave it to the new guy to spark some sort of discussion in the group. Note that the dialog is non-altering but if you go down the path with "It is" you could see some more interesting non-altering dialog which everyone likes.

Duck will cough up blood and Katjaa will ask that you clean Duck's face. Grab the nearby rag and clean Duck's face to the appreciation of Katjaa. It appears though that it is time to end this. Katjaa wants you to tell Kenny to stop the train. Time to head up front and confront him and of course Kenny is in denial. Option time and be prepared to move quickly. Note that I will only give you dialog segments not the entire chat sequence. Look for these specific answers if you plan on going down the two paths. We will start with getting frisky with Kenny:

Convince Kenny with Violence:
- Start off by pressing to give him the rag.
- Tell him "Nothing you seem to care about."
- Choose "The same way you cared about Hershel's boy?"
- Kenny will now stand up. Two ways to go. Calm him down and back off or get it on.
- Choose to fight Kenny or tell him "I don't know what's wrong with you."
- Kenny pulls his hands up to fight. Move the cursor over his first and press to dodge it.
- Mash the button to have Lee talk.
- Again dodge Kenny's punch.
- Mash again to have Lee talk.
- Repeat this one more time until you finally have knocked some sense into Kenny. Either of the final two options will work, neither has significant consequences. Just note if Kenny lands a punch on you it will show throughout the rest of the episode. Nice touch eh?

--Side Note--
-If you wanted to simply let Kenny win follow the above steps but do not dodge his punches. Kenny will eventually stop the train on his own and will remember what you did.

Reassure Kenny:
- To reassure Kenny press to put your hand on his shoulder.
- Choose the option: "I'm sorry, I just want to talk."
- Then: "Katjaa needs you."
- Then: "I'm sorry."
- Then: "This isn't about Duck."
- Then: "You think you're the reason Duck got bitten."
- Then: "You didn't kill Hershel's son."
- By this time you have finally convinced Kenny to stop the train. Know right now that if you choose any negative response even once during this sequence it will result in a fight.

Kenny will eventually stop the train. Finally Katjaa and Kenny decide they need to take Duck into the woods and shoot him mercifully. The big decision is who should do it.

Lee will kill Duck:
- They both will remember it and take their son into the woods before you kill him.

Katjaa should kill Duck:
- Katjaa agrees and informs you that Kenny should stay back in order to keep his memory clean. You could take this opportunity to reassure Kenny or let him watch his son and wife walk away.

Kenny should kill Duck:
- Katjaa won't allow this and takes Duck into the woods claiming a mother should be the one to do it. Again you can reassure Kenny or let him watch them walk away.

Say nothing:
- You will simply watch Katjaa walk out to the woods with Duck. Again you can reassure Kenny or let him watch.

No matter what the option Clem will wonder where Duck is going. Time for Lee to step up and give an extremely important answer:

Clem's query on Duck leaving - Clem and Lee.
1. I'm/he's/she's putting him out of his misery. - Clem remembers your honesty.
2. I'm/he's/she's killing him. - Clem remembers your honesty.
3. I'm/he's/she's going to make sure he's okay. - Clem remembers your honesty.
4. . . . - Clem remembers your silence and will be visibly upset with you.

A shot rings out from the woods. If you are still with Kenny you will get an additional dialog chance with Clem (non-altering) otherwise you run into the woods to investigate.

We find Katjaa dead by self-inflicted gunshot to the head with Duck still "living" next to her and Kenny sobbing with both of them. Some quick dialog which is non-altering appears here. Kenny will compose himself for his boy:

"What do we do?" - Kenny
1. You do it. End this, Kenny. - Will lead into the following dialog choice below.
2. Give me the gun, I'll do it. - You do it yourself.
3. . . . - Also leads to the next dialog option.

Kenny points the gun at Duck but is unable to pull the trigger. - Kenny and Lee.
1. DO IT! - You let Kenny kill his son.
2. It'll be okay... - You let Kenny kill his son.
3. Leave the timer to run out. - You leave Duck in the woods.

If you kill Duck yourself move your cursor over Duck's head and press . Kenny and Lee will walk back to the train together no matter what the result.

Clem is in a deep sense of depression. She understands what happened to Duck, but Chuck has taken the liberty to tell her she will end up just like Duck. Lee needless to say is going up front to find out what exactly is wrong with Chuck. Anyone ready to teach a hobo a lesson? See you in 7.

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