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Look Behind You
Complete chapter 7 of episode 3.

Getting to the front of the train forces Chuck to ask how Lee is doing. Awfully nice of him eh? He then asks what your future plans are regarding Savannah--and no matter what you tell him you will be told that he doesn't like it. After some quick dialog with Chuck he will tell you what you need to do to extend Clem's life expectancy in this new world:
1. Cut her hair.
2. Put a plan together and go over it with her.
3. Teach her how to shoot.
Any response will end this original conversation with Chuck. You can then talk to him again to find out more about his life although this isn't all that important. Head back to the driver's cabin and notice that there is a map of what could be Savannah above Kenny. Upon talking to him you will notice he won't budge so we will need to get him out of that seat. Leave the driver's cabin and head back toward the red boxcar (the one where Chuck's stuff was in). Go ahead and grab the bottle of whiskey and go in Chuck's bag to grab the pair of scissors.

Bring the whiskey back to Chuck and get the following dialog:

"Want a nip?" - Chuck
1. Sure. - You decide to drink with Chuck.
2. Nah, I'm fine. - You decide not to drink with Chuck.
3. . . . - You decide not to drink with Chuck.

Here's our chance to get Kenny. Tell him Chuck has some whiskey and he will leave the seat to go take a nip. Go ahead and grab that map off the wall where Kenny used to be. Time to head back to the red boxcar. This time passing Ben will spark conversation--he confesses to giving the bandits supplies:

"It's all my fault." - Ben
1. Jesus, Ben... - Ben notices your reaction.
2. I could kill you. - You threaten Ben.
3. Why would you do that? - Ben notices your reaction.
4. . . . - Ben notices your reaction.
Note: Choosing any of the options but #2 will provide more dialog with Ben.

Get back to the red boxcar and talk to Clem. There is quite a bit of dialog that you can conduct with Clem. Ultimately no matter what you choose before choosing learning to protect herself, it will bolster your understanding of the interactions in the game but will not effect the plot.

Lee will begin by teaching Clem how to aim the gun. Lee will be able to give her pointers about shooting, ultimately none of this matters, although if you choose silence she will react sarcastically (ironic huh?) When she begins to shoot you will need to redirect her as her first shot will be a miss. If the bullet went left-up then she needs to pull the gun down and to the right. It is different for everyone. Clem needs to hit 2 bottles for you to be able to move on. This will result in Clem learning how to defend herself.

Initiate dialog with Clem regarding her hair and talk about how it needs to be trimmed in order to keep her safe. Clem will bring up the following topic about the murder you committed when cutting her hair:

"You've killed lots of things now; it doesn't even matter." - Clem
1. Killing is bad, no matter what. - Clem will remember that.
2. No. It's different. - Clem will remember that.
3. You're right. - Clem will remember that.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.
Clem's hair will now be a lot safer.

Next step is putting a plan together with Clem. Talk to her about Savannah and you will get to a section about what to do when you get there. There are two main routes with the dialog; Agree to help look for her parents (silence will also result in this agreement) or tell her that they are probably dead (which she will cry and remember that). After getting the plan together though Clem will ask the following:

Can I uhm... yanno tell my parents? - Clem
1. Sure, go ahead. - Clem stays happy.
2. Clem... come on. That's not a good idea. - Clem gets frustrated and angry with you and tells you that you cannot tell her what to do.
3. . . . - Clem reacts somewhere in between.

Note that these can be done in any order, but all must be done before you can progress.

Right when you finish your last step Kenny will shout from the front of the train and you will come to a screeching halt. Alas it appears that our journey will need to be put on hold as their appears to be a giant tanker of gasoline dangling from an overpass above. Upon getting out Chuck and Kenny have a little tiff which is happily interrupted by a woman accompanied by a man above on the overpass:

"Are you guys gonna be trouble? Because we could've just kept walking." - Christa
1. No, we're friendly. - They remember this differently than the other 3 options.
2. Could be. Who are you? - They will remember this.
3. Define "trouble". - They will remember this.
4. . . . - They will remember this.

Eventually the man with Christa, Omid, will ask you to come up on the overpass to take a look at the gas tanker with him. Lee will need to approach the ladder and click in order to climb it. As you reach the top you will hear the back end of an argument which was probably regarding joining forces with the train folk. Some interesting dialog will take place now first of which is regarding Clem:

"What's your story?" - Christa
1. I found her. I was on my way to jail, day one. - They remember your response type.
2. I've been with her since this all started. - They remember your response type.
3. We've just been trying to get by. - They remember your response type.
4. . . . - Christa notices and plays off of your silence.

And then we work our way to:

"And everybody down there - they're cool?" - Christa
1. Kenny lost his wife and kid. - You tell them Kenny's story.
2. Ben is young and stupid. - They remember what you said about Ben.
3. We just met Chuck. - They remember this precisely.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

After all of that Christa and Omid decide to help your group although it seems as though you haven't won over Christa like you have Omid. On your left hand side is an FRS truck. Open it up and grab the tape. Head back down the ladder and introduce Christa and Omid to the group. Dialog here is non-altering.

Christa breaks off and goes to be with Clem while Kenny decides to teach Omid how to drive a train while Chuck jams out on his guitar like Jimi and Ben decides to go off and do his own thing. Time to investigate that station down the ways--but before we go let's check in on our group;
Clem/Christa- You will head over and find out that Clem is playing a Duck for you with Christa meaning she is being a detective and getting to the bottom of Christa. You can explore some dialog with Christa regarding her and Omid but when you get to the option that asks about the argument avoid it unless you want her to dislike you more.
Chuck- Alas he won't talk to us now. So time to climb the cab and find the boys.
Omid- By talking to Christa first we now have options to explore with Omid which will help you bound with him over history.
Kenny- Kenny is off in his own world and won't hold any decent dialog with you.
Ben- Ben is on top of the train and will not hold any changing dialog so say whatever you would like.

Head all the way to the right of the screen and as you are about to go to the station Clem will decide to tag along. When you get to the station look around and eventually head around the right hand side to find Clem attempting to open the door. Good thing the door is locked, but above it is an open window--sized just big enough for Clem to fit. Examine it and then click on Clem to give her a boost in. The dialog here is non-altering and once Clem is in she will open and unlock it.

Once inside you'll notice it is very dark and a timer starts. This timer is your time in the station until you prop the door open permanently. In order to keep the door open, hover your cursor over the door and you will be able to use your tool from before to keep it open. Head into the station and to the right you will find a blowtorch, the item we need to melt the metal but it is on the other side of the cage along with the keys. Our only option is to give Clem another boost over. Above the door is a gap that you can boost Clem over with this will require pressing on Clem and watching her go over.

As she goes to get the keys she has a horrified look on her face as Lee has walkers behind him. Before Lee can shoot the walkers the gun gets knocked out of his hands and slides under the bars to Clem.
Panic event time.

1. Remember the tool you used to prop the door? We need it. Go to the door and grab it.
2. Hover over the closest walker's head and press to bash its skull in.
3. The final walker is too quick for Lee resulting in the usual quick reflexes series for survival. Starting with you will need to press the other buttons in sequence to live. You'll look up to find Clem too scared to shoot and having a walker coming toward her.
4. Run to the gated door and grab the keys from Clem's hand.
5. From Clem move your cursor to the door/lock area itself and this time we are going with .
6. Onto the walker's head and BAM!

Panic event over

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