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Of course after everything is dead and you and Clem are safe Christa comes bursting in and harps on Lee for taking Clem in the first place. The dialog that comes next will be non-altering for the most part but silence may end up resulting in the most "positive" results. Right before you are about to leave she tells you:

"I hope you know what you're doing with her." - Christa
1. I don't. - Christa won't forget this.
2. Me too. - Christa won't forget this.
3. We're still alive, aren't we? - Christa won't forget this.
4. . . . - Christa remembers your silence.

After Christa leaves go back in and grab the blowtorch and this quick dialog snippet with Clem:

"I'm not ready for a gun." - Clem
1. You have to learn to pull the trigger. - Clem remembers this.
2. We learned everything is dangerous. - Clem remembers this.
3. We learned not to be afraid. - Best Clem moral boosting response.
4. . . . - Clem will remember this.

Now we leave and return to the group. Show Omid the blowtorch and he will offer to go up top with you to do the job, but before you go check in with Christa. She will give you some insight which will allow you to peel away some of those layers of her being all mean to Lee and how she likes how you and Clem are a team. Nobody else is worth the time so up the ladder we go.

Up top we want to hover over the hitch and press which will make Lee start using the blowtorch. A leak seems to put this plan on hold though, luckily we found tape before which we can use to patch it up. FYI the blowtorch is on the ground and once its patched go back to the hitch and start blowing it down. As it falls it catches one last time just out of the reach for Lee. Time to get creative. As Lee dangles Omid over the edge to finish the blowtorch they both see something over the horizon. . . thousands of walkers coming our way!

When the tanker falls Omid and Lee watch the group scatter. You have the option to kick the blowtorch down on the leaking tanker below, whether or not you do it matters little. The train is starting to move and we need to get on it quick. Convince Omid to jump you must.

Regarding jumping - Lee and Omid.
1. Jump. - Non-altering. Lee jumps, Omid jumps and falls.
2. Have it your way. [Push him] - You push Omid then jump.
3. You stay here and we'll go with your lady. - Non-altering. Lee jumps Omid jumps and falls.
4. . . . - Omid pushes Lee off the edge.

Lee lands safely and Omid falls causing Christa to jump out and go after him. Time to decide who to help and to decide it quickly. Moving the camera to the left will save Christa moving it to the right will save Omid.

Saving Christa:
Lee pulls her up first as she screams at him resulting with Omid finally pulling himself up later.
Saving Omid:
Omid goes nuclear screaming and yelling at Lee for not saving her first as she drifts back eventually pulling herself up.
Letting timer run out:
They both pulls themselves up although Christa protests about how you treat your group members.

Lee watches as the walkers fade away, Clem checks on the crew, Omid's leg is broke but everyone seems O.K.

See you for the final ride in Chapter 8.

Lend Me Your Ears
Complete Episode 3: "Long Road Ahead"

Clem is sleeping by the window bringing Lee a little sense of happiness until he goes into her backpack and finds a picture Clem drew of Katjaa, Kenny and Duck all happy and holding hands... Heart wrenching I know. Lee quickly hides it as Kenny comes in the back to talk to you about your plan as you are getting close.

Depending on what you told Clem about your plan, you will now share with Kenny. If you decided to look for her parents Kenny will proclaim that's not the plan, if you are going your separate way he will get sensitive, and if you are going to look for the boat then he will share a little sense of happiness. Dialog here is non-altering.

Did you hear something? Is that Clem's walkie? Oh no she didn't.

See you in Ep. 4.

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