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Originally Posted by mikeymud View Post
The main reason I can think of is this, and I think it's a good one:

Many tournaments have entry requirements. By allowing switching of personnel after allowing entry into the tournament, one could possibly bypass those requirements and farm wins/pucks "illegally." I think this protects you in online tournaments especially, if someone can show his lines as being a bunch of scrubs then subbing in a bunch of superstars.
What Acdougla said. I want my back up in net, who is counted in the tournament requirements, and is using up contracts and was required to be there, even though you don't use him. I understand what you mean, and yeah, that would be complete bullshit, but that's not what I was saying. I just want to try and use my backup because he hopefully won't suck shit like my starter sometimes does. Then again, we will probably see that in 2 years as an innovative improvement to the game.

On another note, does anyone have a ny scoring techniques for HUT that get them like 10 goals a game or something? I really need pucks, and that extra one hundred or so from games would help allot with the contracts I am constantly buying.. I am not having a problem with winning, and I am not trying to use this online, just a few extra goals would give a nice bonus to pucks, so any techniques are welcome please,
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