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Originally Posted by Darth Maleval View Post
If you become Thane in the three holds that contain the new DLC houses, you automatically are given a housecarl. New characters for the DLC.

Once at the house, they can become the steward. Then you'll be able to get the 3 new carriage drivers and bards that are new with the DLC.

Heljarchen housecarl --- Gregor
Lakeview housecarl --- Rayya
Windstad housecarl --- Valdimar

All three can also become stewards.

If you've done enough quests throughout the game, it may just be a matter of speaking with the Jarl one time to become Thane, otherwise you might have to do a couple short quests.
If you pick someone else to be steward will the housecarl still hang out in the house? I've pretty much only spent time in Lakeview, and never met with Rayya on my last character. Decided to remake my Argonian for the heck of it, and had her introduce herself this time around. Now she's in my tiny house but I don't plan to make her steward. Wondering if she'll still hang out with me when I appoint someone else steward later.

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