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Originally Posted by acdougla17 View Post
I just played 1 game in Pro Challenge HUT tournament and won 10-2 (they had 3 shots on goal). I tried to do 1 of each goal that I use to score against the AI and I think I did most of them.

These all work on superstar however they just need to be perfect shots. I have managed to beat all but 3 NHL Moments on Superstar. One of them is the Mike Smith Shutout, and the other 2 both require me to come back from down by 4 goals. Against LA I tied it up and went to double overtime before losing. As Winnipeg against Montreal I tied it up and lost in overtime. I literally focus 100% on doing these goals against AI. I don't spend on time trying fancy passing plays or shots from the point and it has worked very well for me.

Sorry about the kind of crappy quality, but I recorded it with my phone.
Thanks for the upload. Due to the quality and the fact that the replay console was in the way, I couldn't determine where you were aiming the puck. It seems that the corners are all still viable if you can get the goalie to move away from the post. Do you ever aim 5-hole, and if so, are you having much success?
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