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Update: 22nd September 2012

The FIFA 13 Career Mode Discussion Thread is now Live on the x360a Forums. Please Click Here!

Thank you to all of the contributors to this Thread, making it the most popular FIFA 12 Thread on the Forums.

Remarkably this Thread has so far received over 250,000 Views in under a Year, which is more than 4 times as many Views as the next most Viewed FIFA 12 Thread on x360a.

Thank You and we'll see you all in the FIFA 13 Forums! Link

FIFA 14 – Career Mode Discussion Thread – Post Your Best Players, Bargains & Stories: Green Arrow

After the success of last two Year's FIFA 12 & FIFA 13 Career Mode Discussion Threads with the Community members of the x360a Forums, I thought it would be beneficial to everyone to make it an annual tradition.

Remarkably last years x360a FIFA 13 Career Mode Discussion Thread was viewed more than 337,000 times in less than a year. This equates to more than 7 times as many views as the next most viewed FIFA 13 Thread on the xbox360achievements Forums.

When comparing that quantity with the previous years FIFA 12 Career Mode Discussion Thread, this represents a viewing increase of 35%, with an extra 87,000 more viewers using it as a resource to enhance their own Career Mode during the course of FIFA 13.

Even more impressively, the number of Posts within the Thread more than doubled with FIFA 12's Career Mode Thread receiving 116 responses and last years FIFA 13 Career Mode Discussion Thread to date receiving 264 responses.

With FIFA 14 soon to be Released, many Players of the Game will soon be creating a new Career Mode with their favourite Team.

This Thread has been designed for Users of the Forum to share anything they think others might find useful during their very own FIFA 14 Career Mode.

FIFA 14 Career Mode Items of Interest can include:

Bargain Players: Those Undiscovered Gems that are excellent Value for Money.

Young Players with High Potential: Share those Wonderkid's whose attributes have grown at a very rapid rate.

Tips: Either before starting or during a current Career Mode Game, what are the essential Tips you would give to others?

Stories: Exceptional FIFA 14 Career Mode Stories which the majority of the Forum would find interesting.

Tactics: What are your "go-to" Tactics which help you to Win Matches or fight back from negative Scorelines.

Anything else related to FIFA 14's Career Mode which the majority of the x360a Community would find interesting:

There are a number of changes that EA have made for FIFA 14's Career Mode and a full List of the details that have been released so far can be found below:
FIFA 14 Career Mode Fundamentals
  • A new “Disable first summer transfer window” option has been added to Career Modes setup. This will allow you to maintain real world squads up until January.
  • The OVR player value has now been masked in Career Mode. You can only see the OVR value of players in your own squad meaning you'll have to scout players to find out how good they are.
  • Player growth now appears to be more subtle, with only minor gains and decreases seen after half a seasons play.
  • Player fatigue has maintained the match by match recovery changes from FIFA 13 but appears to be more harsh on in-game fatigue, with more players in to the orange/red values
Career Mode User Interface
  • A new user interface has revolutionised the way you navigate Career Mode's menus.
  • Five main navigation options now hold all game information – Central, Squad, Transfers, Office and Season.
  • Most tiles in the Career Mode interface have sub-options which you access by flicking the right analogue stick.
  • Team formations can now be changed on the fly without going in to Team Management. A tile on the Squad screen is dedicated to this task.
  • The email screen now has a reading pane and the game no longer stops advancement for trivial information.
  • Player Conversations now appear in the their own tab within the email notification screen.
Global Scout Network
  • When you start Career Mode you will now have 3 GSN scouts already hired.
  • You can have a maximum of 6 GSN scouts.
  • 6 Scout Instruction slots allow you to configure the types of players you want to search for.
  • You first choose the position, age group and contract length. Then up to six traits to find the type of player you want to find.
  • You can relocate your scouts to new countries, or recall them at any time.
  • A tile on the Central Career Mode homepage, updates in real time as new players are scouted.
  • Once targets are identified you can choose to remove them, keep them, or compile a more detailed scouting report.
  • The detailed scouting reports will show you a selection of player stats and their potential transfer value. The more times you scout a player the more accurate the data becomes.
  • The player OVR value is hidden, as are the “showing great potential” and “has that something special” traits, until scouting has been completed.
  • Youth scouting is still in Career Mode and is completely separate to the Global Scout Network.
  • Youth scouting now costs money too (192k for 3 months).
  • A new “Reject all/Disallow future offers” option has been added to the transfer offer screen. This will prevent clubs from persistently offering for players you do not want to sell at any price.
  • The new Transfers Hub shows all the latest rumours, news and the biggest deals all on one screen.
  • Transfer Deadline Day now has a club by club breakdown for the league you're in. This allows you to see all the Ins and Outs at the clubs in your league.
Career Mode Audio
  • Jeff Stelling is now the stadium and pre-match announcer for FIFA 14.
  • The commentary team now directly reference previous match results, eg “a great 3-1 win against Swansea last week”.
  • The commentary team will also discuss current transfer rumours in more detail.

For me, the most interesting of these recently announced features is that "The OVR player value has now been masked in Career Mode. You can only see the OVR value of players in your own squad meaning you'll have to scout players to find out how good they are".

I had a feeling this may happen after seeing the first FIFA 14 screenshots a couple of Months ago. This will make the FIFA 14 Career Mode Discussion Thread even more valuable, especially if EA make each individual Players Overall Stats different to those that can be found in the normal Match Modes and Player edit option, we'll wait and see what they do.

What does everyone else think about the FIFA 14 Career Mode changes?

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