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Originally Posted by Gheuh2 View Post
I think the Borderlands 2 thing also had a really limited run, so that could be why it sold out so fast.
Well, the Borderlands 2 thing is a big box of stuff that was probably more of a gamble than H4's. The H4 LE is just a steelbook case with DVDs they're making anyway, and a couple DLC vouchers. It should've been obvious a lot more people would be interested. They could've easily sold the regular edition in the steelbook too and demanded $5 more. Nobody would've cared. I still find it hard to believe Gamestop is sold out and Amazon isn't.

What I really want to know is will we be able to adjust the X and Y sensitivity on the aim stick individually? I'm tired of this slow turning shit. I crank my sensitivity in a hog turret, it still turns slow as shit but goes crazy fast up and down. I'd rather not have to buy a Scuf controller for this one.
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Seriously 2.0 and 3.0

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