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Originally Posted by Annihil88torr View Post
Community Forge Maps

Whether you're a die-hard supporter or an avid opponent of Reach's Forge, it's likely that there will be at least one community-made map that you're a big fan of. For some people, symmetrical maps like Synapse or Select provide a huge amount of entertainment and replayability, with some preferring asymmetrical maps like Eden Minor or Precipice.

With Halo 4 comes the opportunity to 'upgrade' some of these maps into fully geometric arenas, rather than being composed purely of Forge pieces, or at least include them as new Forge variants of whatever the new Forge sandbox will be.

So, which existing Forge maps, if any, do you think should be remade for Halo 4?

Geometric Maps

Reach shipped with three classic maps (Blood Gulch, Ascension, and Sanctuary) reconstructed using Forge pieces and present in multiplayer. It also featured a remake of Ivory Tower using full geometry.

Remakes of maps are becoming a somewhat recurring theme in the franchise, with Halo 3 also featuring several maps returning from previous games, such as Chill Out and Heretic.

With the possibility of existing levels being remade in Halo 4 being very real therefore, which geometric maps, if any, would you like to see making their return?
I like the way they did it in reach by making psuedo-remakes of maps in forge, but I did not like how they looked. It seemed to me whenever I played a Forge World map they were all basically the same just because they looked the same, if you really want to remake maps remake them like they were, Blood Gulch for example did not fell at all the same with the Valhalla-esque water at one end and the lack of Red Sandstone walls. On topic though, if there is one map that they should bring back it is The Pit of Halo 3, one of the best maps they ever made I think, and they have beaten the Halo 1 and Halo 2 maps to death, they need to look either toward making new maps or bringing back the best of Halo 3.
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