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Exclamation Fyi!

Originally Posted by Nozza x360a View Post

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Killed Donkey Mong

Donkey Mong is an ultra rare monster that spawns in the south-western part of Eridium Blight [MAP]. You will enter this area automatically during a story mission. He looks like one of the common Bedrock Bullymogs, but throws explosive barrels at you.

Donkey Mong has only one single spawn point. However, he spawns very rarely. He can spawn at any daytime though. You do not have to kill any other monster in this area to make him spawn. Your XP level does not matter either.
Not true, you should change that Nozza. Otherwise people are only checking the same spot without any luck. I'd say he spawns on all of the Bullymong spawn points in Eridium Blight.

I found him after my 3-4th run through Eridium Blight. A King Mong spawned in the south-west corner next to the Hero's Pass exit, while DONKEY MONG spawned in the NORTH-EAST corner next to the SAWTOOTH CAULDRON exit. He was also the first who jumped out to kill me, then I had to get rid of his little fellows. So I'd say it's definitely random.

Originally Posted by Nozza x360a View Post
Borderlands 2 - Sugar Daddy Trophy / Achievement Guide - YouTube Cute Loot 15
Killed a Chubby

Chubby can be found all around Pandora, but there's one good spot you're guaranteed to find one and that is in the starting area of the Caustic Caverns. It has a fixed spawn point where the first group of Vakids is located, right next to the fast travel station. So you can back out to the main menu and hit continue to make all enemies respawn. A Chubby is not a normal enemy, he's a variation of an enemy type, so - Varkid, Spiderant, Skag, Stalker, Midget and Rakk.

For a list of other known locations, please see below.
  • Blake Bridge which is in The Highlands (Hyperion Bridge)
  • Underground area's of Frostburn Canyon
  • The Dust
  • Slaughter Dome

Borderlands 2 - Cute Loot Trophy / Achievement Guide (Chubby Location) - YouTube
Just found another on in the WILDLIFE EXPLOITATION PRESERVE. Right in the beginning, next to the fast travel station and the stores. It was a CHUBBY STALKER.

Hope this helps!

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