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007 Legends Review (before release)

Note that I perfectly know the game's unreleased yet, so what I write might be not correct.

I'm writing this to say people here are complaining about the wrong things. The game IS bad, but not because of the graphics of for the lack of Sean Connery in Live and Let Die.

First of all, the story. Bond gets accidentaly shot by Eve, and has some flashbacks about some old mission of his.
Now, I don't know how this got managed and how much canon the game is, but I'd like to refresh your mind.
In this continuity, Bond became a 00 in 2006, and since that year until today (Skyfall), there's an empty six years gap, in which maybe he lived the GoldenEye and Blood Stone missions.
But the flashback missions in 007 Legends, when did they happen? In this gap?
Wouldn't it make more sense if these missions were simply shown without the flashback thing (which is terrible and overused) and there was a reason to show them? For example Silva is the big bad behind the Moonraker, OHMSS etc.?

We finally manage to play. The gameplay, if similar to GoldenEye Reloaded, will be very bad. All you'll do will be kill people and going on, with no backtracking, exploration or additional and various objectives, like in GoldenEye 64 and Perfect Dark. You will be able to carry only two weapons, and no gadgets at all. And why does the health regenerates? If you get shot, your health doesn't simply regenerate after 3 seconds, and you're back in action, that way nobody would die.

The movies. This all depends on personal choice, so it's hard to argue.
We have: Moonraker (which I found terrible), OHMSS, Licence To Kill, Die Another Day (three of my favourite), Goldfinger (which again I find horrible, can't figure why).

The soundtrack. This is hard to argue, again, as the soundtrack was unreleased yet. But I think we can all agree that they're exagerating by putting the same music in 10 different trailers, and that Reloaded had the worst soundtrack ever heard in a Bond videogame, and the only Bond theme rendition (at the end of Frigate) was the worst in the last 60 years (yes, even 50s'
and Dum Di di Dum Dum were better).

The Bond actor. If you have played GoldenEye Reloaded you know you'll see Bond's face for a total of 5 minutes during the whole game, because the cutscenes are all in first person view (and this is another thing to hate), so stop saying you'd rather play as Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan! Craig is my second least favourite Bond after Moore, but I accept the fact he's the actor because you never see him in face.

The graphics. So, are you really complaining about graphics? They're the least important thing in a game. GoldenEye 64 has very bad graphics compared to today's games, and still is the best FPS ever made.

Achievements. Online achievements are bad as well, for the simple fact it's impossible to find anyone online.

Summary to lazy people: You're complaining about the wrong things.
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