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I just got to the level called The Mace. Up until this point, I have hit some frustrating parts of the game, but some of the parts that the OP is referencing I don't remember having trouble with. The only parts I have had real problems with so far have been the furnace room section and the trench part with the "invincible soldier." I consider myself to be an extrememly patient person, so maybe that skews my outlook on this. I have also beaten every other Call of Duty game on veteran before I attempted this one, so I guess I have a lot of practice. Call of Duty (1) was the hardest for me.

Edit: I just beat the game last night. The Mace had some tedious parts, but it wasn't too bad. The last mission was incredibly easy and aside from the beginning when I didn't know what to hide behind, I almost never died. I think some people are blowing this game's difficulty out of proportion.

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