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Okay the make-up session went really well on Saturday. So now all members of my squad should be up to date now. This main event this Saturday will be Beast Mode on all five Fenix Rising maps. The full list of achievements is as follows:

Now They Begin to Understand
Complete all 12 waves of Beast on all Fenix Rising maps

Which will in turn lead to:

Welcome to Beast Mode
Survive all 12 waves of Beast mode (any difficulty, any map)
Wreaking Locust Vengence
Get a kill with every Locust monster in Beast mode (any difficulty)

And if time permits (will put to a vote):

Kill Locust (Like a Boss)
Defeat a Boss Wave as 5 Onyx Guards (Hardcore difficulty)
Help From My Friends
Completed "RAAM's Shadow" in 4 player co-op
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