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Originally Posted by Walecs360 View Post

The movies. This all depends on personal choice, so it's hard to argue.
We have: Moonraker (which I found terrible), OHMSS, Licence To Kill, Die Another Day (three of my favourite), Goldfinger (which again I find horrible, can't figure why).

The Bond actor. If you have played GoldenEye Reloaded you know you'll see Bond's face for a total of 5 minutes during the whole game, because the cutscenes are all in first person view (and this is another thing to hate), so stop saying you'd rather play as Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan! Craig is my second least favourite Bond after Moore, but I accept the fact he's the actor because you never see him in face.

The graphics. So, are you really complaining about graphics? They're the least important thing in a game. GoldenEye 64 has very bad graphics compared to today's games, and still is the best FPS ever made.

Achievements. Online achievements are bad as well, for the simple fact it's impossible to find anyone online.

Summary to lazy people: You're complaining about the wrong things.
I agree with the movie choice. I don't think Goldfinger has a lot of substantial to have its own level and that other movies would make better video game levels. I also agree that we shouldn't complain about the bond character because really who cares. I think graphics are extremely important in video games and that is where I disagree with you. I think because of todays games that the graphics have become way better than what they used to be, we as gamers expect more out of a game. Therefore when we see the graphics of 007 Legends we are disappointed because it could have been done so much better. At least that is why I am complaining about the graphics. I think that the last statement you made about lazy people and such is really poorly stated. I think it is just your opinion that we are complaining about the wrong things. I think graphics are extremely important in games and I think the graphics here are not as good as what they could have been.

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