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Hi guys, theres been a lot of confusion about this. So after experimenting a bit, heres my method.

-Play on easy and set fights to one round (dah)
-Always play with only one character, the one ur attemping to rank up, after all u only need one to get to tekken master and in my opinion fights r easier this way.
-Dont be afraid to quit. Thats right. If ur loosing, dont be afraid to hit start and get back to character select. This wont affect your record at all. This is also why is important to go solo. Is better to quit, than get KO hitting the tag button like a jerk while getting beat up.

-Now, the most important thing, and this is totally confirmed. The only fights that help u rank u up r ONLY THE ONES THAT ARE AGAINST OPPONENTS OF YOUR SAME LEVEL. Or againt teams with an opponent of your same level, even if u dont KO him/her directly, still counts. Any other fight against characters that arent in your same rank, is a waste of time.

So heres what i did.

-Go solo
-Try a few times until i get a fight with a character my same rank, if not, quit (sometimes theres no way this happens, so just finish that fight)
-After KO your opponents, choose for the next fight a team with a character with YOUR SAME RANK, as explained before. If there none, just hit exit and try again.

Thats pretty much it. Im still at about 22 dan, and sometimes after 10/15 fights, nothing. With this method, after about 5 fights (maybe therell be more at higher ranks, not sure) with ONLY characters of my same rank, got a promotion fight.

Any questions or if im mistaken in some way, just lemme know. Hope this help you

Good night, good fight
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