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Originally Posted by simmias View Post
No, hopefully this game freaking dies. These last two rounds of achievements have been ridiculous with the 10,000 hands and 2,500 hands of Texas Heat. I'm waiting for a royal flush achievement to be next at this rate.
I don't think the 10,000 hands achievement is ridiculous at all. It is if you don't play Fullhouse Poker much I assume. Even then - standard game against 10 players - Sit out and you'll get it in no time. I had around 13,000 hands when this DLC came out. If you play in tournaments, you'll get 50-200 hands heads up against a calling station when the blinds are still ridiculously low.

You know the original Texas Hold'em game - the achievement was getting 1 of every single poker hand. Now that was ridiculous. Royal Flush is like 0.00015% and that's assuming every hand makes it to the river.

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