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Originally Posted by Grohlvana View Post
Can you tell me where that is? As in, how far down Hero's Pass? I've noticed people seem to be finding him in the same boxes, so if I could find that locker I think I might have a better shot.
Right before the broken bridge I think.

Originally Posted by Grohlvana View Post
Do you remember which specific box or group of boxes? It seems he only spawns in certain boxes, hence many people finding him in the group of four cardboard boxes in the Skagg room in the Wildlife Preserve.
He wasnt in a box a buddy and I were killing off robots and we turned the corner and there he was.

Originally Posted by Powerman1469 View Post
Wth everyone is finding him lol, Are you guys playing on your 1st play or 2nd play-though? Probably doesn't matter.. but at this point I'll try anything to get him to spawn.
1st playthrough when i saw him

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