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Originally Posted by simmias View Post
OK, so you don't think playing 10,000 hands is ridiculous. But can we agree that an achievement that requires you to play 50-60 hours of a tournament that's only available twice a week during specific times is ridiculous?
Of course that's ridiculous which is why I didn't mention it in my other post.

Originally Posted by TerminalHate View Post
I guess so, I just like playing against the human player whilst trying for the winning 1,000,000 chips in one hand achievement, I never know what the AI has. They play wild and unpredictable poker and I cn't bet accordingly.
Get a friend who also needs that achievement. Start a private game. Both Buy in for 250k. Now 1 person loses 9 times and your friend should have 2.25m. Rebuy for 250K. Win until you have 1m. Win that hand. You get achievement. Have your friend rebuy. Lose it all to friend. Now your friend gets the achievement.

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