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Originally Posted by Gunstar Red View Post
I decided to keep a running total of my Texas Heat hands played since they decided not to include any type of counter. I suggest others do the same to save your sanity.

I was able to do all 12 sessions on both Saturday and Tuesday, and now have roughly 520 hands played after 24 total sessions. I got somewhat lucky in that I was at tables with less than 3 humans allowing me to get in almost 25 hands per session. Even more lucky when I got a bully AI or human who forces everyone to fold constantly.

I think we've all given up hope that it's retroactive since at least one person should have gotten it by now if it was.
Nice keep up the good work.

Quick question if you're sitting out when demoted to a lower Diamond Table or you still sitting out? I suppose it doesn't really matter since you'll auto sit-out after 3 hands, but just curious.

Leaving this link here for my reference:

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