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Originally Posted by JONBLEACH View Post
I wish i knew which barriers you and the other guy are talking about.
Im willing to farm all day long for this as this is the last quest level 1 i need for the achievement.
If anyone can show me this area it wud be awesome, my gtag is:
Bleach x360a
I know you just added me but it's really easy to find and fast to farm:

Go to Opportunity, then hug the left and you should see two barriers in the middle of where you're going. You can see the area where they are from the spawn. Both have a "Hard Hat Required" yellow sign by them. You want the second one, behind it are two of those boxes and a smaller one. Those two boxes can spawn JJ, I just got two loaders in a row.

EDIT: 3 in a row now. The "Loot Wee Loader" or whatever.
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