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Originally Posted by JONBLEACH View Post
Ok i see what u mean, behind the 2nd barrier is 2 ammo boxes and the smaller which holds money. Which playthru do i need to do it on. ive been trying my runs on normal so theyd be easier though i am lvl 50.
This shouldn't matter but I've been doing it on normal since I haven't gotten to Opportunity on TVH mode yet.

Originally Posted by JONBLEACH View Post
Yeah so im doing it on normal too.
So far ive gotten 2 loot migets and 1 jet guy.
So is it true where ever mini loot dudes spawn, there is the slight chance for JJ to aswell?
Well I've scoured the internet and from what I can tell, it seems any chest a loot midget or wee loader can spawn in can also spawn JJ. This opportunity one (and it seems to be only the right ammo box for me) is just the fastest to farm from what I've seen.

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