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Sorry I didn't respond got busy with something. In answer to all the questions. From the spawn point head east towards the construction area past the statue. You will go down a ramp and there are two barriers. Behind each set of barriers there are 3 boxes. The loot midgets spawn behind the 2nd barrier (furthest one away)

What I did was run to the 2nd barrier, open the boxes and then quit and repeated. For extra clarification I am at the end of my 1st playthrough (final boss killed). This method just seemed the quickest to me.

I'm pretty sure as grohl has suggested that any box that can spawn a loot midget has a chance to spawn Jenkins. I think it seems to work in the same way as chubby variants which are an extra rare badass.

Originally Posted by Grohlvana View Post
So you have found and killed him this way? Just trying to 100% confirm it.

And @ above (FISH) yes.
Yes thats how I found Jenkins a couple of hours ago. I started by just opening everything in Opportunity but noticed that the loot bots always spawned in the same few boxes around opportunity, so just figured to farm the two closest ones would be the most efficient.

So I just ended up running to those boxes behind that wall from spawning, opening them, then quit/save and continue.

Originally Posted by Grohlvana View Post
You might have said it in your previous post but I'm already in the reply screen (lol) so do you have any estimation on how long it took you once you started farming that way?
I think it took me about 3hours, which isn't all that long in the grand scheme of achievement grinding. Obviously its still all down to luck though.

Originally Posted by Report Fast View Post
Are you finished with the main quest? It seems like if your on the quest for the area it helps, from what I can tell.
I had finished with the main quest, and I do get the feeling that for whatever reason being on the main quest helps, but its just a gut feeling.

Originally Posted by x13FISHx View Post
The two dividing walls in he hall way? I was looking for some sort of force field out in the construction area.
Yes there are 2 low walls in the tunnel sloped downwards towards the construction area. The 2nd wall has the boxes behind it you will need.

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