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Originally Posted by Morbido View Post
Not really related to level 60 like this thread, but ill try here first rather than create a new thread.

My character save got created when I was something like level 42.

I restarted on my own, with no one joining my game, to try and get the 72 location and level 50 cheevos.

I ranked up to what I thought was level 3, went to add a skill stat and was level 14. This has happened before when playing with others, but I thought it might have boosted me to their level.

Anyways why has it done this and when I get to level 50, will I get the cheevo? Bearing in mind the sudden 11 level jump.

Hope all that makes sense.
im assuming you meant to say corrupt instead of created? lol

anyway, it definetly makes sense and i think i know exactly what happened. actually happened to my Xian character when i recently started up a fresh playthru. i played the game for a couple months with friends last september, so i aready had accumulated progress (challenges).

which is what im assuming happened, you probably got some high lvl challenge that netted you 100k upwards XP. when i was in my playthru Xian was on lvl8 steadily increasing. i got some obsurd challenge and she went to lvl18 (10 skips!!!) lol. all my weapons were now useless and i didnt even notice until i went to spec up, what i THOUGHT was only 1 point ended up being 10.

so since you were playing DI previous to that playthru, its my guess you completed some zombie killing challenge that was worth a good chunk of XP. especially since you said this was all solo, maybe if this occured in co-op i would be suspicious.
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