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this thread is full of win

Originally Posted by el_pieablo View Post
just wondering for those that already have the GOTY edition and I have a question. Is the game listed as a seperate achievement list like Arkham Asylum was or is it still the same list?
The same list of achievements, not seperate

Originally Posted by el_pieablo View Post
Also will save games from the normal edition work fine with the GOTY edition? Many thanks in advance
Im sorry but im not sure about this one, but i think i read that they do work

Originally Posted by el_pieablo View Post
So you would have to get all the riddler trophy's and do all the story stuff again to get the achievements?
Sorry again but this im not sure about, if the save works then you wouldnt have to start over and as i said, im pretty sure saves work. in ArkhamAsylum the reason they had seperate achvo lists is bcuz the GotY was a completely different version of the game(updates, more maps, 3D, etc). I have read that ArkhamCity uses the same version of the game with no changes.

so ignore all the other posts in this thread o.O

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