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Originally Posted by White Lama View Post
"First thing I took from this is that Multiplayer armor customization is making a return as was expected given it's success in reach. This time, however, it sounds like the different armor bits will be giving small perks depending on your loadouts. I would imagine this means slightly stronger shields, longer lasting sprints, increased number of carried rounds, etc... minor stuff that won't completely unbalance a game, but enough to be able to tip the scales if utilized effectively."

This here is the reason I won't be buying Halo 4.

343 are CoD'ifying it to much.

People should be on equal footing in a game, not that some people that have played the game longer should be stronger, faster or such than others.
There's no such thing as equal footing on Halo, seeing as though the fucking thing will match inheritors with recruits, even inheritors with multiple onyx seasons of arena! Basically, anyone who isn't good at Halo is screwed since trueskill has no effect on who you actually get matched with. Just like I'm still under 100 (white) on Gears 3 and constantly get matched against high ranks of every color when I go in to get my goddamn war supporter ribbons. Then of course you have all the extra lag that's caused by the game not restricting itself to matching people in the same fucking country!!

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