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Guys - I need the following achievements:

No Sample For You (already progressed into this but not complete)
Like a Bee
Burning Inside (requires Echo Pack 1 I think, it's a DLC map)
Delivery Specialist (I think this requires Echo Pack 2 but not sure)

Now I imagine I'll be hard pressed to find people for all of these but if anyone can help me with ANY of these I'll appreciate it. Already submitted to the fact I probably won't get all of these but if I can at least get some done I'll be content. Just send me a request, GT: Old Carver. I won't be available to do anything until Saturday and will be off until Thursday night. As always, willing to help you too with stuff you need as well.

If I could at least get Like a Bee (Kill 10 enemy players in one versus game with CQC) and Burning Inside (Kill another player with the crucible in a Foundry versus match, requires Echo Pack 1) I'll be happy since those should be easily done with at least one person letting the other get the kill(s).
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