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Originally Posted by DamagedWill View Post
The Opportunity spot worked for me too. I'd say about an hour of trying. It felt so damn good to see that bastard show up. Now I just need to find that damn Chubby and Donkey Mong.
The Creature Slaughterdome is a good place to look for a Chubby. My friends and I found a few in there. I, however, got the achievement before I reached level 10...

As for Donkey Mong, I found him twice by Mal (The robot in the "Real Boy" side quest) on a ledge below his hangout.

I know this isn't Jenkins related but I thought I'd help

I've been trying the Opportunity one for about 20 minutes now and I got 2 mini loaders...Jenkins is the last pain in the ass challenge I need to do D:
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