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Eff this mode




Sick of this sh*t happening, where my team dominates and total garbage from the computer-controlled team goes in. There is absolutely no incentive to cycle the puck or set up any play. Just find an open spot and toe-drag wrist shot. Rebounds? They're great if you're the computer. My guys wave at the puck like they're the fricking queen of England. There's no incentive to hit - they might go down, but my guy goes down, too. Are any of my teammates around to pick up the loose puck? Oh, hells no. However, the guy I just creamed gets up just fine and picks up the puck as my guy lays down.

And I hate that fricking waggle they do right before your goalie goes down and they wrist it top shelf. Their goalie? GOD as far as I'm concerned.

This mode is total BS. How many hours have I wasted trying to save up pucks to buy packs that might help me improve my team? Every 8-9 games I have to renew 20 contracts - that costs me about 3000 pucks each cycle. Even with Peelman's tip, if I am averaging 600-700 pucks a game, that nets me 2400-3300 pucks after 9 games. So I'm playing like 25 games to afford one gold pack. That's like 8 hours of my life. Not anymore.

And forget playing the auction house. I have a freaking job. I'm not going to build my fortune by turning around cards for 100 pucks that I purchased for 50. NHL freaking 2020 will be out by then.

That's it. I'm going to request help to get the full set achievement, and I'm going to bid for a captain card and get that sh*t out of the way, and then goodbye HUT. Seriously. Before I break a controller. Life's too short to deal with this crap.
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