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Originally Posted by Rayvenus View Post
Judicar, I can help you with the sting like like a bee and no sample for you. Dont have the dlc yet for the others. my gt rayvenus 2
Oh that's cool man. I work tonight and tomorrow but will be off Sat-Thurs so anytime that's convenient for you in that span I will work with. I'll send you a request for the time being in a little bit. If you don't want to do the sample one that's fine unless you need it too as I realize that's time consuming and boring for you. Willing to go without it if I have to as I already know I can't 1k this one anyway.

The rest of you gents I can help you out with some stuff if needed. I don't know how to set up the lobbies though so you'd have to do that but I'm a body if you need someone to take a slot. Again, I work the next two days but will have 4 days off after so if you still need something done by then feel free to recruit me.
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