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Originally Posted by The BiggD View Post
there's ways to correct people, then there's being an asshole. unnecessary attitude my dude...especially since we're probably the same age.
I apologize from any 'attitude' you seemed to detect, and the statement certianly looks a lot worse in the way you abridged it. I thought my "spoiler" saying I said the same mistake literally a week ago (younger) in the same exact forum would be enough to hint at sarcasm. (I know, I know, sarcasm on the Internet)
I wouldn't say something like that and actual mean it, since then these threads turn into a forum of 8 people calling each other trolls, and it just makes everything stupid.

It just annoys me that the same questions are asked like 12 times in a row. I guess it's not your fault if you only read the latest posts

TL;DR: I meant no ill will, and i am Kermit the frog.

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